Thursday, October 29, 2009


The other day in my class, I had to melt an ounce of butter and then I was going to add bread crumbs and walnuts for a savory cheesecake crust. As I was melting the butter, a guy looked at me and asked, "Why the heck are you melting that much butter?!?" Ok I admit, it wasn't butter that was coating the pan, you could swim in it, however that's what the recipe said so I listened. I explained to this guy that it was for the recipe, and the I asked him a simple question, "What are the three stable ingredients used in classical, French cooking?" He stood there puzzled and answered, "Wine, cheese, and escargot." I laughed and shook my head no. I said back to him, "Butter, cream, and more butter." He laughed and we both looked at my lake of butter in my pan. I said to him, "When in the kitchen, do as the French do." I told him to say that to anyone who questions his butter quantity or quantity of anything.

Butter is bad, in a naughty way. Chef Blythe Beck has a concept at her restaurant that you shouldn't feel bad for eating all that butter, cream, cheese, bacon, and deliciousness. You should feel naughty and playful. Food can make us feel any emotion. Salads make you feel healthy, Asian food makes feel exotic, and dessert makes you feel regret. No matter what food you are eating, you should have pride and feel grateful. Restaurants want you to taste their succulent creations. The reason they add butter or anything like that is to add flavor. Flavor is key to a good experience at a restaurant. Just ask anyone, and they'll agree.

"Miss Child is never bashful with butter."
Phil Donahue