Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My First Post! Yes!

Food is one of the most amazing little things we have. And sometimes it can be big, too, like those 2 pound, sweet, bbq ribs you had last night. Our whole lives we are surrounded by it, studying it, loving it, hating it, making it, dropping it, playing with it, throwing it, chopping it, fantasizing it, and of course, eating it! What makes you feel better when you know you are going home to a lavish feast, or an Asian microwave meal waiting for you to pierce the film, microwave it for 90 seconds, stir, and enjoy?

In this blog, I hope to convey my thoughts and feelings on food trends, contraversies, chefs[role models], markets, recipes, culinary school, my job in the industry, my mistakes, and eating. I will also try to take pictures of what I eat from time to time and put it up. I hope to talk about Top Chef, Julia Child, diets, roma tomatoes, fingerling potatoes, my recipes, the Food Network, Sunflower, overpriced products, Rachel Ray, and so much more.
Stay tuned for a very appetizing blog!
Bon Appétit!