Friday, August 12, 2011


Why I dare ask, why everyone is obsessed with being the best and having the best?  Is it from what we are told when we are young?  Is it pressure from high class society?  I am sick of everyone being competitive and cut throat.  It's just disgusting.  Also, I am sick of everyone obsessing about their appearance.  I admit, I give it a bit of effort to look nice and presentable, but I'm not going all the way for a stupid boob job.  Seriously, what is that going to accomplish?  Everyone will see your big, fake, plastic knockers, and not realize you are a complete airhead.  You think people don't notice because of your looks, when in actuality, it's because you are boring!!!  Did you know that women with implants are twice as likely to commit suicide?  It's because after a while, they realize their deadbeat husband truly doesn't love them, just the jugs, and they want to end it all.  It is so sad that girls who have no confidence are going straight to the bank for a loan or asking "Mommy" and "Daddy" for money to help pay for them.  A boob job can cost about 3 grande.  A good boob job can cost up to 7 grande.  That kind of money can be donated.  Remember Japan?  Remember Haiti?  Remember Katrina?  There are people who are suffering in the world and you care about your insecurities so much that you have to make yourself feel better by making you B's to DD's.  People need to check themselves and others.  So many people don't do anything but pity.  Truthfully, those third world people don't want your pity.  They are the ones who pity you because you can not find happiness in yourself.  Loved ones died, houses washed away, cities destroyed, but people still find hope and love in life, in themselves.  I bet you some Haitian women don't care about their boob sizes after the earthquake. 

Women today in Modern times have to embrace their "flaws".  Cellulite, show it off.  Gross birthmark, who cares?  Big butt to no butt, wear those juicy jeans.  The point is that when a woman embraces these so called "flaws" she feels confident.  And nothing, I repeat, nothing is sexier than a confident woman who loves herself and the way she was made.  People were made a certain way for a reason.  It is to challenge our inner feelings, and we don't want to listen, we just want to take the easy way out.  The unnatural way.  If you hate your body's flaws that can be controlled, then it is your fault.  But don't be lazy and get lipo, eat healthy, exercise, do more fun activities out of the house.  Those are the kind of things that lead to loving yourself even more.  Scientifically, having a healthy lifestyle releases endorphins, and makes you happy, thus loving yourself and others around you.

It took me forever to realize this.  I love my body.  I love myself.  I know my family loves me for me.  I know my fiance loves me for me.  I know Heavenly Father loves me for just being me.  I may wish my stretchmarks were smooth, but I accept them as a part of me and I embrace them.

I am tired of seeing girls complain on Facebook about being fat, hating their noses, tired of being tall, and of course, small-big boobs.  Get over yourself and your body issues and grab a tissue.  Think about others before yourself.  You will see that maybe not the world, but your world will start to change.

A true woman who showed true sexiness and confidence.

And my favorite quote by my favorite woman.

"Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent."
-Eleanor Roosevelt