Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Poor Little Rich Girl

I'm so tired of being poor all of the time.  I can afford food and going out to eat once a week to 2 weeks.  I have been so use to it, I didn't even realize it.  But I am happy.  At this age, I'm not suppose to have a lot.  I am happy with no cable, old clothes, Max, and especially TJ.  TJ and I have learned how to make up for those things.  We love to watch Netflix.  It's like crack.  "Say crack again...crack."  We like to go out and find free things to do in the community, like the fair, movies showing for free, going to Manitou, graffiti falls, and having fun at the dog park with our beautiful dog.

 We love to cook for each other, however I think TJ enjoys it a little more.  He's loves everything I come up with.  At Costco, I bought a thing of mashed potatoes and I still have 5lbs of rice left.  So one night I am planning on making Tandoori Chicken with rice, Lemon Garlic chicken and mashed potatoes, and another night of making Shepherd's Pie.  Can not wait!  I just need to get my but to the grocery store.  Lately, it's been a lot of frozen pizzas and quesadillas, so I am hoping to get a little protein and veggies in our diet these next few days.

Oh I thought of another fun free thing we did!!!  Last Thursday, we went up to the new IKEA in Denver.  We got lunch and split some Swedish meatballs, and just wondered for 2 hours.  Of course, we had to get a souvenir!!!  We left with a flower shaped ice tray, a mug for TJ, and coasters, all for $4.97!!!!  We wanted to head home, but it was rush hour so we passed the time at Park Meadows.  I never realized how many fancy schmancy stores were in there!!!!  They did have a Lego's store.  I loved Lego's when I was little and now Isabelle is obsessed, too.  I took a picture of myself outside of the store and sent it to Isabelle, trying to make her jealous.
This is the picture I sent to Isabelle.

She was jealous, but not as jealous as I was when she told me she took a cooking class of Oprah's vegetarian chef that morning!!!!  She was in San Fransisco with my Dad and he just so happened to be able to take her!!!  WHAT REALLY?!?!?!  GAAAHHHH!!!!!  Oh well.  It's funny, because Isabelle wished she had been to the Lego store more than going to a cooking class with Oprah's chef!

Back to the point.  We are very wise and careful with what we spend.  It's hard, sometimes I want to go clothing shopping, but I can't afford it, not even Goodwill.  I want to eat out more often, but I can't.  I want to buy nice things, but I have to save save save.  I am happy.  Very happy.  I like my life.  I like earning things and working hard for it instead of it being just handed to me.  I know one girl who moved to a big city and her parents pay for everything, and all she does is party and complain about sleeping in.  I appreciate everything I own.  I work hard.  I make sacrifices.  But I am so happy doing it and willing.  I had some extra money when we went to IKEA and I have dying for a casserole dish, and this one at IKEA was $12! You can not beat that! I was so modern and pretty looking.  But I knew that saving that extra $12 could buy us dinner one night, even if that casserole dish can make us dinner.  TJ has been donating plasma, and we are saving up to buy a Wii so we can watch Netflix on there, and ask for video games by Christmas.  It will be a symbol, I think.  Here is something very nice, that we both worked hard for and saved up for a long time.  I'm proud of him.  I'm proud of us.

Oh and this is not a pity post.  I just felt like saying ya I'm tired of being poor, but I am grateful for it, too.  Humble and Happiness.  That's what matters.

"It's better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life."
-Elizabeth Kenny